I absolutely love attending all sorts of events. I love meeting like minded individuals and sharing ideas. I also plan many events and boy do I have some stories. As business owners events are always on our schedule and it is a one of the oldest ways marketers uses to grow their network. It’s pretty amazing that it is still in my opinion the best way to market your business and grow your customer base.

ok, Let’s get down to business. Here are Two main things I do after attending or throwing an event.

1. Take plenty of Pictures – At every event I take pictures with anyone I can. Whether they are funny pics or just me talking my little heart away. Pictures tell a story and your followers look forward to seeing how your event went. I use those pictures also as a way to promote my next event. Why tell you to come when I can show you why you should come? GET IT Instagram Emoji

2. Connect Connect Connect! – After an event I go through my business cards or any phone contacts I received. I add them to my list according to a number of things. I research them and connect with them on social media. I usually drop a line like ” Hey so and so it was great to meet you at (the event name and when it took place ie: last night) If I took a picture with them, sometimes I will post the pic and tag them to it with a neat caption. One thing that works for me is texting because my schedule is tight. #entrepreneurlife  I have my contacts in groups in my phone and I try to send a text out to my groups every other week. Just to check-in CONNECTING WITH YOUR NETWORK IS EVERYTHING

Bonus points – If you can talk about the possibility of collaboration! Is there a project you’re working on that they could help with? Are your client bases similar, or are you trying to reach their target demographic? There’s no point in having these contacts if you don’t know how to use them!

Get connecting, and hopefully I’ll meet some of you at an event in the future! For now meet me on FACEBOOK

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