We know that the whole point of utilizing social media and building a list is to get your audience to take action. You either want them to make a purchase, engage, come to an event, etc…

But if you’re doing too much or the sales experience isn’t a good one for your customer you won’t see the results you are looking for. With the holiday season coming there’s some things that I would like you to avoid to ensure the success of your holiday promotions.


1. Broken linksBroken-Link
The worst thing would be if someone sees a product on your site, goes through the buying process and when they hit pay now they see page not displayed. That would not be good for business. Make sure you go through the buying process yourself to ensure that all of your links are going to the right destination. Don’t miss out on sales because of Broken links.

2. Give me details
If you are going to ask someone to click here to go to your website, why?

Why should they click there? What will they see at the website? How will it benefit them? What are you offering them? Give people as much detail as you can. For example: I saw this ad from a massage parlor. ( $2 off chair massage on Fridays all day! all locations! isn’t that sweet! at Whole Foods Market Phillips Crossing cafe till 9 p.m. plus infusion tea till 4 p.m.) They’ve given us so many sweet deals and information as to why we should come down on Friday and enjoy a massage.
3. Keep it simple
When it comes to call to actions make it easy on your audience. If you give the customer the right information from the beginning they’ll be amped enough to take action. Don’t be so long and drawn out. You can easily lose their interest that way. Find a balance between giving them the details and keeping it short and sweet.
ok, those are my tips. Remember the work you put in now is so you can enjoy life later.
Written By: Nyala Phillip – Social Media Coach and Brand Strategist 
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