Today we’re gonna be discussing how you can convert your followers into customers. This is very important for your business because this can benefit you greatly and earn you some profit. All you have to do is use social media to your advantage!

In fact, through this blog post I’m going to teach you three specific ways on how to achieve that goal. These are the three top ways of converting your followers into what we call “quality followers” – these are the kind of followers who actually engage with your posts, avail of your services, and buy your products. There are many ways to do that, but today we’re focusing on the best tips. Let’s get started.

Number 1: Provide Value

The first way to convert your followers into customers is by giving them value. The more value you give, the more easily you will be able to attract those sales. People will automatically want to buy from you. But what exactly is the kind of value you should be providing?

You can provide value through information. You can do it through empowerment. You can give your followers a few helpful tips.

As you can tell, there are many different ways to do it. But as long as you’re helping your followers and engaging them in a meaningful way, you are definitely on the right track. Through the value of your labor, you manage to grab those people’s attention. You manage to stay in their radar; you manage to endorse yourself as one of the best options for the kind of service you say you can provide.

That said, once you claim that you can do something for someone, you should always go ahead and prove that you can actually do it. You’re not gonna go out there and say “hey, buy my products,” or “hey, join my company”. No. Instead, you’re going to show them “why” they should do what you want them to do.

Take note that I said “show”, because in this business it’s a lot better to show your followers what you can do instead of just telling them.

Now if these followers are getting their information from you, then they are going to want to buy from you. They will become loyal followers of yours. Eventually, they will convert into customers.

Number 2: Attraction Marketing

This next piece of advice is suitable for those who are really active on social media, posting photos and videos into their personal accounts…it’s called Attraction Marketing, and you can also apply it professionally.

Attraction Marketing is when you attract people to your life. Take note – not just your business, but your life per se.

Have you ever looked at someone so admirable that you can’t help but envy them? It may be their lifestyle, their career, their hobbies, their collections – the point is that you want to get in on the action. You want to experience that same thing. It inspires you to make the most out of your life.

It’s this same effect that we’re trying to achieve when we’re applying Attraction Marketing. You are going to show them your life; you’re going to show your followers how your business is allowing you to live the good life. In the end, your customers will feel like following that same technique in order to get exactly what you have.

This may not be the main way to convert followers into customers, but it sure is an effective way to do it. Let’s face the fact that in life, not everybody goes to exotic trips every month, where they can ride camels in the sunset. Not everybody can live that type of life. But Attraction Marketing gives your followers that motivation and drive, to at least try and reach for their dreams – with your help, of course.

Number 3: Build a List

Now if you’re the conservative type of person who would rather not share their personal life in social media, you may want to pay close attention to this final tip: Build a List.

This is the surest way to do it, if you’re talking about converting online followers into real life customers. You basically build a network of connections by engaging all the followers who take interest in your products and services. For example, if someone gives you their email address or visits your website, they are telling you straight out that they are interested in your services – they are interested in what you’re selling and in what you can do for them.

This kind of follower is the type that will most likely convert into a paying customer! So take advantage of that and include them in your list, so when you have discounts and sales to offer, they will be amongst the people who will receive an update from you – straight into their email. And the fact that they’ve taken initial interest gives you a large chance of actually scoring a profit.

What they are basically saying is: “I want more. I like what you’re giving me on social media and now I want to get into your circle more.”

So what do you do? You collect their emails and give them tips every now and then – let them see you. The more visible and active you are on social media, the better. That’s because you are nurturing relationships, but you’re doing it privately.

The benefit of this private strategy is that you’re doing it on a personal level. It’s the level where you are most likely to connect with them. Keep in mind that if you put something out on social media, there is no guarantee that a thousand people are going to see your stuff. Especially if you’re on Instagram, posts go out very quickly, and your post can reach the very bottom in a matter of seconds.

Through private interactions, and through your email list, you can connect with the people who love what you do, and like what you provide. They admire you so they signed up for your services – this is the easiest way to get the right set of eyes on your stuff.

Building a list is practical, easy, and it converts followers into customers. Apply any of these three tips to your social media plans and you will surely get to the right people. What are your thoughts? Post them below!

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