I want you to be able to turn your periscopes into digital products. If you have a phone that can create videos, you can have digital products. You can repurpose your saved videos and turn them into free digital products or paid digital products.
Here are 3 ways to turn your periscope videos into profitable digital products:

1) Sell individual scopes: There are a lot of people making money from selling individual scopes, and this is something you can do also. To upgrade your periscope content and make them more profitable, you can add some worksheets, additional templates or checklists. If you are giving away valuable content, you might as well monetize it. Once you create content, you can continuously make money from it over and over. I’ve had people who wanted me to talk about topics which I had already discussed in my previous scopes, and these are potential buyers who will be willing to buy those individual scopes for their own use. If topics or content in your past videos are being requested for you to discuss, you can have people pay to have these videos. This way, you won’t only be making money, but will no longer have to discuss a topic which had already been covered.

2) Create a membership site: Have a membership site where you can upload all your best scopes and charge people monthly, enabling them have access to your library of scopes. In membership sites, people pay a subscription fee once a month, and you can play around with this price however it suits you. Once you are done with a periscope video, have it instantly deleted and upload it to your membership website. You can collaborate with colleagues who have similar target audiences, and have all your scopes bundled into the membership site, to be accessed by paid members.

3) Turn your periscopes into an audio course: For this, you have to cut the video and have it converted to audio, which people can listen to on their iPods, iPads, cars etc. A 15 min video can be a 3 part audio course, or 3 part podcast. To make it more fancy, you can call it an audio book.
There are multiple platforms which you can use to rip the videos and have them converted to just audio. You have to make sure the sound quality is excellent for people to listen to it. Once done, you can charge whatever you want for your newly created audio course or audiobook.

Bonus tip: When done with your periscopes, you can upload them to YouTube and have them monetized by having ads on them. For this, you need to have a google ad sense account. Every time the ad on your periscope video is watched, you make money off it. Money made from YouTube ads may not be a lot at first, but as your video gains more popularity, the higher the chances of more people watching the ads on your video, and this will translate into more money.

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