10 Diy’s To Update Your Rental Space

10 DIY'S TO UPDATE YOUR RENTAL SPACE! Hi Cupcakes! I feel like, no matter how expensive or inexpensive your home may be, everybody has at least one space in their home that they are just not completely satisfied with. I can say that personally, when you rent your home, sometimes it can be frustrating because [...]

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Your Finances And Having A Baby

YOUR FINANCES AND HAVING A BABY As a mum to twin babies I can tell you first hand - Having kids is life changing, expensive and most certainly requires that you readjust your finances to accommodate their needs. However,  you can have children and still manage your finances well and build long term wealth while [...]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season

We know that the whole point of utilizing social media and building a list is to get your audience to take action. You either want them to make a purchase, engage, come to an event, etc… But if you’re doing too much or the sales experience isn’t a good one for your customer you won’t [...]

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Budgeting: 4 Key Categories To Plan Your Finances

Budgeting: 4 key categories to plan your finances! For many of us, budgeting is just not any fun. It means limits or lack or even punishment. But having a budget or some form of a budget is really important for your financial success. I personally prefer the word "plan" to the word "budget"  because it [...]

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7 Steps To Building Better Business Time Management Skills

7 Steps To Building Better Business Time Management Skills By: Nyala Phillip - nyalaphillip.com   It’s raining. Worse, you get an email first thing, saying that one of your business clients isn’t happy with the project you delivered last week. Now, you’re going to have to spend time looking at how to remedy that situation [...]

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5 Success Rules To Live By

Ever wonder how successful people do it? Find yourself thinking they are different in some sort of way? NOPE, they are not. They just have rules that they live by which contributes to their success. Most important Rule DO NOT HOLD GRUDGES.  There are many things that contribute to your success. Everything that you’re responsible for. [...]

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Do you really make money if you do what you love?

Do you  really make money if you do what you love? The saying “Do what you love, and the money will follow” has become a small-business cliché. Meanwhile it does inspire thousands of women to leave their jobs and to start a business based on what they love to do. But is this really true? How does [...]

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How Attending Events Can Grow Your Network

I absolutely love attending all sorts of events. I love meeting like minded individuals and sharing ideas. I also plan many events and boy do I have some stories. As business owners events are always on our schedule and it is a one of the oldest ways marketers uses to grow their network. It’s pretty amazing that [...]

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Making Your Passion Your Paycheck

About a month ago, someone made an implication that just because I’m passionate about what I do that I shouldn't charge for it. Some people are so brainwashed into thinking the only way to get paid is to work an undesirable job that when you mention the words “passion” and “paycheck” in the same sentence, [...]

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Is Love Supposed To Hurt?

Questions and Answers: I often feel sad in my relationship, what can I do about it? I always feel like I’m walking on eggshells, is that normal? I feel different from how I used to feel, like I’ve lost my sense of self. Why? What can I do if my partner switches demeanors like Jekyll [...]

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