Taxes for Female Entrepreneurs: What you should know

In today’s news, we hear and observe all the mess that our new President Donald J. Trump has under his sleeve and his next trap move. Yes I said trap move. His plan is to remove the regulation on banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions via the Dodd Frank Act. Obama implemented this [...]

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Rebuild Your Credit With These 5 Tips

Rebuild your credit with these 5 tips According to credit.com, bad credit is having a score of 600 and below. Poor Credit is having a score from 600 to 649 and fair credit is having a score from 650 to 699. If your credit score falls anywhere in this area and you need to secure some [...]

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4 Tips on How to ask for a Higher Salary

  As women, a lot of times we are guilty of not asking for a higher salary when we know we truly deserve one. We are also guilty for not negotiating our compensation offers when we get a new job. Statistics show that women earn on average ~25% less than men and are leaving behind [...]

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Why You Should Be Your Own Backup Plan

I am a firm believer that regardless of what it is that you do, whether you have a corporate job or are a small business owner or a stay at home mom, you need to clearly understand your financial picture and prepare a backup plan for your future self. BEING YOUR OWN BACKUP PLAN MEANS: Paying [...]

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Your Finances And Having A Baby

YOUR FINANCES AND HAVING A BABY As a mum to twin babies I can tell you first hand - Having kids is life changing, expensive and most certainly requires that you readjust your finances to accommodate their needs. However,  you can have children and still manage your finances well and build long term wealth while [...]

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Budgeting: 4 Key Categories To Plan Your Finances

Budgeting: 4 key categories to plan your finances! For many of us, budgeting is just not any fun. It means limits or lack or even punishment. But having a budget or some form of a budget is really important for your financial success. I personally prefer the word "plan" to the word "budget"  because it [...]

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